Emeril Lagasse – Famous Chef Visits Dimitri’s on the Water

Emeril Lagasse

Famous Chef Visits Dimitri’s on the Water in Tarpon Springs, Florida

emeril-legasse-img-webThe Travel Channel – Food Paradise show hosted by Emeril Lagasse visited Dimitri’s on the Water Greek Seafood Steakhouse in Tarpon Springs, Florida to film and episode on Greek food and waterfront dining. What an honor to have Emeril Lagasse and the Travel Channel come film a Food Paradise episode to be aired soon. Stay tuned to see the famous chef Emeril Lagasse host the show and sample signature dishes at Dimitri’s on the Water in Tarpon springs, Florida. Here is the online list of current Travel Channel Food Paradise episodes where we will let you know when the TV episode will air. Also the Travel Channel has many other great Food Paradise destination episodes to view too. Also, be sure to check out the Travel Channel shows.


Don’t forget to find the sponge diver for a free app today by visiting Dimitri’s on the Water’s website – click here

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If you want to know more about Emeril Lagasse – click here

See these great photos of Emeril interviewing Dimitri at his Dad’s Greek Restaurant, Mykonos. Also, view the behind the scenes pictures we took to promote the experience, show and excitement for the show, which will air soon.

dimitri-and-emeril-img-webHere is a little bit about the Travel Channel’s Food Paradise show. Since fantastic food can be important to many travelers than museums, hotels or souvenirs, we’ve compiled all the must-see food spots across the country that offer unique dining experiences. We’re serving up hefty plates of the country’s tastiest, most mouth-watering and decadent meals. We’re talking lip-smacking pizza, tasty deli entrees, boatloads of bacon, fresh seafood, finger-licking deep fried dishes … and that’s only the beginning! So, bring your appetite and your stretchy pants as we dive into a healthy portion of Food Paradise!


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